We are starting to see all the birds start to fly south for the winter, but it isn't very often that a bird from the south, finds itself this far north. On Tuesday it was reported by the Star Tribune blog 'Wingnut' that a Wood Stork was spotted in Myre-Big Island State Park in Albert Lea. If you haven't seen one of these birds before they are truly gorgeous yet somewhat prehistoric looking. 

(Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images) This Wood Stork was photographed in Florida

According to Allaboutbirds.com, the main portion of the bird's population is based in Georgia and South Carolina and then the birds will migrate to Florida for the winter. Here is a map, notice the #BoldNorth isn't highlighted as a landing spot for the large bird.

Photo Credit: Allaboutbirds.com Screen Grab

What a treat for local birders to see! This isn't the only rare bird sighting to happen over the past few days in Minnesota. A Roseate Spoonbill was seen a few weeks ago near the old Ceder Avenue bridge in Minneapolis.

Maybe the Wood Stork helped Vikings QB Kirk Cousins make his expecting announcement last week?

You can see the picture of the Wood Stork here.