In the past week, two very popular snacks have been recalled due to salmonella concerns: Ritz and Goldfish.

If you missed these stories, check out the Ritz recall HERE, and the Goldfish recall HERE.

The ingredient that is thought to be the culprit is a whey powder. Michael Moss, "an investigative journalist who won a Pulitzer Prize for his reporting on contaminated food," spoke with CBS This Morning about this ingredient, which he calls a "miracle ingredient":

"They turn it into a powder which is something of a miracle ingredient for these companies. The taste, the protein, it helps the texture, it holds things together."

The way this whey powder could have been contaminated is if the middleman factory that produces the whey has water or a bacteria, like salmonella, that is introduced in the factory.

So far there have been no confirmed illnesses linked to Ritz or Goldfish, and let's hope it stays that way!


Source: CBS News


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