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Are you ready for this? The new flavor is... drumroll... ketchup-flavored. Ewwwwwwwwwww.

I love ketchup and used to eat an excessive amount of it as a kid. Not Big Daddy style, but I definitely put it on everything. My grandma actually bought me a massive (I'm talking, a 7+ pound can of ketchup) for Christmas as a gag gift back in the day. Little did she know, it was the best present ever lol. Well, these candy canes scream gag gift for the ketchup lovers in your life.

So, where can you get these condiment flavored candies? A Seattle-based novelty store called Archie McPhee (don't worry, you can order online). This isn't the first unique flavor they've released. Not long ago, they introduced kale candy canes and mac and cheese flavored canes - eek. They also have a lot of other fun gag gifts. Click here to get your ketchup candy canes and/or to check out the Archie McPhee website.

Here's what else is trending in the food world:

  • Mountain Dew is developing a new holiday flavor. The gingerbread flavored pop will be called Snap'd and is expected to hit store shelves in December.
  • Aldi reportedly has some new whipped cream - pumpkin spice whipped cream! It's just $2.89 a can and available at participating locations.

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