Don't want to get your house TP'd or egged this year? Then don't hand out these candies-- because they're the Worst Halloween Candy in Minnesota.


Thanks to the gang over at, we now know which Halloween candy to avoid this year. Because nobody likes these. Nobody. Maybe at one point in history, they were popular, but not anymore. So don't buy these! (And besides, we all know that you buy Halloween candy that YOU like, so if there are any extras or leftovers, YOU will actually like getting to eat them, right?!?)

To find out just which candies were the worst, looked at not only some of worst candies on the most popular Halloween candy surveys out there, but also added in their own sales data they gleaned from their 40,000 customers as well.

The result is a (somewhat) definitive list of The Worst Halloween Candy in Minnesota (and the entire country, as it turns out.) So what's the absolute worst?

Well, that'd be... Circus Peanuts. "There is no way to describe the vileness that is Circus Peanuts. I have to believe that they weren’t rated as the worst on everyone’s list because they, too, blocked these inedible monstrosities from their memories," the survey noted.

They were followed by candy corn, wax Coke bottles, Necco wafers and peanut butter kisses to round out the top five. (I remember when I was a kid that Mrs. Oslage, a mean old lady-- or so we thought at the time-- who lived in my neighborhood, used to hand out those peanut butter kisses on Halloween. Figures!)

You can check the entire survey of the Worst Halloween Candy HERE.

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