What is it? He's from here! No wonder I love that movie so much! Zootopia isn't his only huge film. He also wrote Wreck-it Ralph and Cedar Rapids. He was back in Minnesota last night to hold a screening of his latest movie - Ralph Breaks the Internet. Yes, the animated flick with the Imagine Dragons theme song.

Minnesota native, Phil Johnston wrote and co-directed Ralph Breaks the Internet. Fun fact, he used to be a reporter at KARE 11. That's how I discovered his cool roots. He stopped by his old stomping grounds for an interview about the new movie. He talks about the important message within the film.

Phil says, "We don't all have to think the same way and we can still be a little kinder and better to each other." LOVE! Click here to check out the whole interview - Minnesota accent and all. 

Ralph Breaks the Internet hits theatres November 20th.



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