Is there anything better during these hot summer days than cooling off with a soft serve chocolate and vanilla twist cone? Here's where you can get your hands on one.

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When I worked at a fast food joint back in high school, I became the master at making a twist cone. I got so I could hold one in my left hand, and still make another one with my right hand.

But earlier this year I'd noticed that finding a true chocolate/vanilla soft serve twist cone was a little tough. Many places I'd been to had either chocolate OR vanilla, but not the twist cone that includes both.

Thankfully, once I posed that question on the air, Quick Country 96.5 listeners responded with a LOT of places to get one of those creamy, chocolatey and vanilla soft serve twist cones. (I'm just guessing they cost more these days than the cones I made that cost .52 cents!) So, ere are...

The Best Places In Southeast Minnesota To Get A Twist Cone:

+ A&W in Spring Valley

+ Blast Soft Serve in Owatonna

+ Ginny's Drive-In in West Concord

+ Costco

+ Casey's General Store

+ McDonald's

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