The warm-up is on its way! From Wednesday to Saturday, we will see a dramatic 70-degree jump. Here are the things you are guaranteed to see this weekend:

  1. Clean cars - for approximately 30 seconds, that is. The car wash lines will be a mile long, but as soon as the vehicle reaches the road, they'll need to go back. I know, I don't get it either.
  2. Speaking of vehicles, the hogs will be out to play. Melting snow doesn't stop the serious cyclists from hitting the road. Those of us just dreaming of owning a motorcycle will have the wind blowing our hair through the open car window.
  3. Patio season is here! I doubt any restaurants will actually have their patio open, but hey, it doesn't hurt to ask.
  4. Suns out, guns out... And toes. And legs. Skin will be showing this weekend.
  5. Just make sure you wear the proper gear when you fire up the grill. Garage doors open, we are having a block party, and everyone's invited.
  6. Extremely happy dogs! The only thing happier than the people that just survived the polar vortex are the dogs who learned the hard way that there a very strict time limit on their potty break.

Enjoy the beautiful weekend, my friends!

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