She hasn't revealed new music just yet, but Taylor Swift is heading to 'The Tonight Show' next week. The superstar will appear on the late night show with host Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday (Aug. 13).

The country-pop superstar is working in promotion of her role in 'The Giver,' in which she plays Rosemary. While Swift's part is a small one, it's critical to the storyline. She can even be briefly seen in the movie trailer (but you have to look closely).

'The Giver' opens in theaters on Aug. 15, but Swift has been teasing fans with the prospect of new music, as well. This week, she posted a video on her social media sites pushing the number 18, and while speculation is running wild, we're hoping she'll let Fallon in on a few more details.

Swift will also soon be performing on the MTV Music Awards on Aug. 24, and it's suspected she'll be bringing new music along. And, when she's not working, the worldwide icon is spending time exercising that big heart ... by spending time at the Boston's Children Hospital. See what she did for one beautiful little boy here -- bring tissues.

See Taylor Swift as a Little Kid

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