Iowa Farmer Lets Cow Sit Shotgun [VIDEO]
He struggles to get this big boy into his truck. From the looks of this video, his bovine friend might have escaped from his farmland and started checking out greener pastures. The cow stands in the backseat and has his head sitting on the driver most of the ride.
Watch Geese Create a Very Iowa Traffic Jam in Des Moines
It's hard to list all the ways you can potentially get stopped in traffic in Iowa. There are regular driving and road things like construction, other drivers, etc. But, you also have to account for possibilities that other parts of America don't have to think about. That includes a rather large flock of geese that brought vehicles to a standstill in Des Moines recently.
Iowa Native Celebrates 26 Years As Kentucky Derby Bugler
On May 1st, as the horses race at the 147th Kentucky Derby, Steve Buttleman will be resting his chops. Buttleman has been playing the bugle at the race for almost 30 years. 2021 will mark his 26th year of being Churchill Downs' official bugler. Before every horse race at the track, Buttleman plays the "call to the post" and ushers in the 'most exciting 2 minutes in sports.'