His name is Reggie Oeltjen, and with his planting getting done on time, he is running across the great state of Minnesota. Border to border, according to Agri News.

Oeltjen is 65-years-old and has been running since he was 50. He has competed in several marathons, and now he just wants to run. He decided he wanted to do something different, and he came up with the idea to run across the state of Minnesota from one border to the other.

That is pretty incredible if you ask me, no matter what your age is! You can check out Oeltjen's complete interview HERE.

The just of it is that Oeltjen is planning to run 15 miles per day starting on May 13th. Yes, Oeltjen is ALREADY underway, and you can follow along with his journey on his blog at b2bat54.blogspot.com. His route started where Hwy 14 connects to Brookings, South Dakota, and he plans to follow that path all the way to Mankato. He has farmers lined up every 15 miles from the border to Mankato to park his motor home to rest for the night. From Mankato to the border, he has several different locations lined up including church parking lots, camp grounds and end up in Winona.

The goal for Oeltjen is to arrive in Byron by the time the Med City Marathon starts. That means he will run 15 miles a day for 20 straight days. A pretty incredible feat, if you ask me!

His daughter, Natalie, will accompany him on the run by either running or riding bike. So, he is not in this alone!

Good luck out there Reggie!


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