Guineas aren't going to win any beauty contests that I know of. Guineas are birds, by the way. A prehistoric-looking bird, according to Grace Logan. The Steele County 4-Her started showing guineas a few years ago when someone suggested she get to know the seldom shown bird. Logan has been the only one showing guineas at the Steele County Fair for the last four years. That makes it easy to win her division and advance to state, where she is also the only one showing the bird. Logan likes the fact she is showing an animal that is so different.

When she described a guinea to me, I thought she was pulling my leg. She stated it had a horn on its blue head with a big, over-sized black body covered in white spots. If she had said guineas also played rock-and-roll music through the horn in its head, who would I have been to question that. Her description was spot-on when I located the cages. And some might say the loud squawking wasn't too far from some forms of rock music. She never used the word 'ugly' to describe a guinea, though it is probably a fair adjective.

Logan said they are loud and aggressive, making them difficult to wash and hold. Taking one out of its cage was tricky as well. One bird seemed to be attacking Logan's hand as she lifted another one out for our photo. Visit the poultry barn to view the unique bird.

Roy Koenig/Townsquare Media

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