There are plenty of huge churches around the country and in Minnesota. They're beautiful and grand but we also have the opposite end of the spectrum: the super tiny churches that can barely hold 8 people. Those are the churches we're talking about today: 5 of the smallest churches around Minnesota that are so small you can't even fit 10 people in there.

These 5 churches are all over the state. One is in southeast Minnesota, one is in southwest Minnesota, and another is in northern Minnesota. I've been to a pretty small church up in northern Minnesota. The town has a really small population so a small church fits. But that church was nowhere near as small as these. The one I was in could probably fit 10 of these tiny churches in it! Ok, maybe 8, but still.

Have you been to any of these tiny churches? Or are there other equally tiny churches that I missed? You can message me on our free app (which you can download below) or message me on my Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter (@carlyrossonair).

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