This week's adoptable animal of the week is Bonzai the cat. Bonzai is a special cat as he has tested positive for FIV, otherwise known as Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. FIV+ cats aren't any extra work for many owners. Bonzai has been waiting for his forever home since he was rescued from the Austin City Pound in 2019 before he was to be euthanized after no one came to claim him.

Michaela Tews, our friend who volunteers at the Mower County Humane Society has more information about Bonzai and FIV.

Image Credit: Michaela Tews
Image Credit: Michaela Tews
Image Credit: Michaela Tews

Michaela tells us that "Bonzai is about 2-3 yrs old and is a total ham of a cat! He is playful, affectionate, and great with all ages. He, however, prefers people over other cats!  If you really want to make a difference for an adoptable feline, adopt an FIV+ cat."

Michaela also told us a little bit more about Feline Immunodeficiency Virus "Like HIV in humans, FIV is the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. FIV+ cats almost always get overlooked just for this reason. It's not because these cats are high maintenance but because most people are uneducated on the topic."

Some basic facts about FIV:

1. Humans cannot catch FIV: It is exclusively a feline virus.

2. Cats can only spread it to other cats by blood: This means a deep, deep bite down to the gums or a very deep scratch down to the claw cuticle. Playful wrestling will not warrant this, only very rough, out-to-kill fights, which is why many shelter cats who have lived on the streets, unfortunately, have contracted it. An FIV+ cat is very unlikely to spread the virus to an FIV- cat while play-fighting. If you can only have a single cat please consider adopting an FIV+ kitty as they are considered hard adopts, sadly.

3. FIV is not a "sickness": There are no medications or special treatment of any kind required. I REPEAT THERE IS NO MEDICATION REQUIRED for the majority of their life. All FIV does is lower a cat's immune system, so he should not go outside. This is the only major stipulation of owning an FIV+ cat. He should be indoors, and if you notice something amiss, the cat should be taken to a vet sooner rather than later since they have low immune systems. Otherwise, nothing about owning an FIV+ cat takes extra effort or expense while healthy. They are just like normal cats.

4. Shelter employees and volunteers know better than anyone else how loving and wonderful FIV+ cats can be, and they encourage these adoptions because of the reward of giving a sweet little dumpling who is always overlooked a loving home!

So here is where I am asking you or someone you know to adopt Bonzai. His adoption fee has been waived for an approved applicant in order to help Bonzai find a family.

You'll need an approved application, and after you are approved you can schedule a visit just to see how loving Bonzai is while you visit him at the Mower County Humane Society. You can get your application here. 

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