A 21-year-old man has pleaded guilty to robbing Scotty McCreery and his roommates at gunpoint, but he refused to reveal who was with him. The incident happened in May of 2014. Had the case gone to trial, the country singer may have been called to testify.

According to the Raleigh, N.C. News and Observer, Mikkail Jamal Shaw will be sentenced on Tuesday for several counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon, as well as second degree kidnapping. Details of the early morning robbery were made public shortly after the incident, but McCreery elaborated in his book Go Big or Go Home. He and his friends had just returned home with burgers and were watching Gladiator when there was a knock at the door. One friend opened the door, allowing several men to burst in with guns.

One robber held an assault rifle to the sternum of a friend of McCreery’s. Another held a pistol to the “I Love You This Big” singer’s head. Wallets, cellular phones and a laptop were among the items stolen.

“This is real and raw, and I’m thinking I’m going to die any second,” McCreery recalls in his recently-released book.

While McCreery did not appear at Monday’s hearing or end up needing to testify, his mother Judy did appear. Jury selection was scheduled to begin for the trial on Monday. Several others believed to be involved in the robbery are still at large. Shaw was arrested days after the robbery.

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