You can expect to see another empty space come this summer because the Minnesota-based company has decided to pull the plug on it's smaller-format.

I can't say I shop at Apache Mall as much as I used to. If anything, I like to go there to let my kid run around in the play area so she can burn off some extra energy. But what I can say is that there's been a ton of turnover the past couple years with new stores being introduced and some old favorites being replaced within their walls. And now it sounds like you can expect to see one more happening later this summer.

It was announced Wednesday via the Minneapolis Star Tribune that Best Buy Mobile stores – which are primarily within shopping malls, have been telling it's employees they're closing all of its 250 outlets across the country, including all 11 found in Minnesota. According to CNBC, as May approaches, Best Buy will offer employees the opportunity to find other jobs internally or transition to an "in-home advisor" role.

An internal memo has stated that while they had great profit margins in the past during the smartphone boom, the market has since consolidated.

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