During National Fire Prevention Week, KFIL and KVGO salute area fire fighters. These brave, dedicated men and women provide a valuable service to our rural community.  In addition to the officers listed below, we honor all volunteer firefighters, our hometown heroes.  Thank you for your service.

Mabel:   Chief:   Orel Tollefson  Assistant Chief:   Chad Loppnow and Steve Geving Training Officer:   Brian Erickson   Secretary/Treasurer:   Carl Westby

Rushford:  Chief:   Paul Corcoran  Assistant Chief:   James Dailey and Chad Rasmussen Training Officer:   Rich Smith, Dennis Overland

Ostrander:  Chief: Brian Miner  Assistant Chief:   Derek Grabau and Jon Lechner Training Officer:   Tim Lacy and Jason  Rice  Safety Officer: D J Start  Secretary: Lucy Drinkall

Spring Valley:  Chief: Troy Lange  Assistant Chief:   Troy Harwood and Brian Danielson

IEdwards TSMRochester
IEdwards TSMRochester

Preston:  Chief: Josh Ristau  Assistant Chief:   Devin Nagle  Secretary: Stuart Quanrud

Wykoff:  Chief: Wade Baker  Assistant Chief:   Mark Arndt and Tim Austin  Training Officer:   Tim Benike and Mike Lund

Canton:  Chief: Randy Gossman  Assistant Chief: Jim Davis  Treasurer/Secretary:   Jason Magnuson
Training Officer: Ryan Lange

Chatfield:  Chief Ryan Priebe  Assistant Chief     Brian Burkholder   Luke Thieke Training Officer     Chris Musty  Secretary  Cole McKean Safety Officer   Dan Jaquith

Harmony:  Chief: Rod Johnson  Assistant Chief     Craig Morem   Ross Bahl  Secretary   Randy Mayer  Training Officer   Kyle Morem     Dan Dornink  Emergency Management Director: Billl Hanlon

Houston:  Chief   Joe Krage  Assistant Chief  Chad Rosendahl, Jay Wheaton, Steve Skifton

Fountain:  Chief   John Hanson  Assistant Elliott Riggot  Secretary/Treasurer

Lanesboro:  Chief  Jerod Wagner  Assistant Chief  Creighton Horihan, Mike Willford,        T J Stettler

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