Yahoo Finance announced a list of the top fast-food burger joints in America. According to this article, the survey asked around 7,600 participants how likely they were to refer someone to go to the restaurant and how happy they were with their experience. So what were the findings? There were 14 different fast food burger places that found themselves receiving scores and we have six here in Rochester.

According to this survey, In-N-Out Burger received top marks which we don’t have here in Rochester. Side note... I think we should petition to get one here! They are so good!

Five Guys was the next on the list and we actually have one here in Rochester. Their fries are amazing and I could eat them all day long! So what other Rochester burger joints found themselves on the list? Culver’s, Dairy Queen, Wendy’s, Burger King and McDonald’s. Below are the ratings the restaurants received.

1. In-N-Out Burger (73%)
2. Five Guys (68%)
3. Culver's (67%)
4. Whataburger (58%)
5. Smash Burger (54%)
6. Red Robin (48%)
7. Steak 'n Shake (46%)
8. Dairy Queen (41%)
9. Sonic (40%)
10. Jack In The Box (37%)
11. Wendy's (36%)
12. Carls Jr. (35%)
13. Burger King (33%)
14. McDonald's (28%)

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