Do you tip your DoorDash/Grub Hub, etc. drivers? One such driver said people should, and the response lit up Spotted In Rochester's Facebook page.

Here's what Tannor Reise House shared...

"Dear Rochester, if you are going to order from a delivery service like door dash, if you’re making people drive to Byron and Stewartville and don’t tip the driver, you’re a garbage human being, whether it’s the next town over or down the street , just tip your driver, if you can’t afford it, get the food yourself"

A sampling of the responses...

Please Tip Your Food Delivery Drivers

A request to tip food delivery drivers turned into quite the "energetic" thread on Spotted in Rochester. Here's a sampling of the over 400 comments.

Tanner's been driving for a Door Dash type service since November 2020. It was a side job that turned fulltime and would pay between $10 and $35/hour, depending on promotions and tips.

"I’ve done over 1000 delivery’s and I’d say a good tip would be 3-4 $ there’s a couple people who have tipped me 10, 15, and 20 which is really good for a tip."

Tanner shoots to make $150/day so the better the tip, the less time House has to spend on the road, which is 8 - 12+ hours a day.

James - OK, so is there a base pay?

Tanner - "Base pay with out tip is between 2.75-4$ depending how far the order is. I deliver as far as Byron, Pine Island, Eyota, and Stewartvile.

James - What's the routine?

Tanner - The pick up routine really just consists of sitting or driving around waiting for orders, it tells you how much you’ll make and how many miles you’ll drive for the order, most of which lately is orders with no tips.

It’s really a gamble if the food will be ready by the time you get there to pick it up. A lot of the times I’m waiting for it or it’s not even started. I’ve waited at Chipotle over an hour once.

After I pick it up, though, I’ll drive to the customer and either hand it to them or drop it off at the door and wait for another order.

James - Do you like the job?

Tanner - I still enjoy the job overall tho it’s the one thing I love doing the most, just driving around and getting the most out of my day rather than sit inside and do the same thing everyday of the week.

So...tip the delivery driver or no?


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