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Listen, Minnesota is great. It has beautiful lakes, bluffs, and it takes all four seasons to the extreme. The people are great, friendly, energetic, but they don't know good TV.

At least, that is what the latest survey from Reviews.Org says.

The new study shows that Minnesotans picked Parks and Recreation as the most overrated television show.

How is this even possible?!? Let's take a live look at all of the people that think Parks and Rec is overrated:


Sidebar - Ron Swanson is one of the greatest TV characters of all time and his reaction to this survey would probably be:


Sidebar complete -

Parks and Rec is routinely rated as one of the top television shows of its time, and the fact that people see it as overrated just isn't right. Especially here in Minnesota. Maybe it is because Ben Wyatt was from Minnesota and completed messed-up as Mayor at the age of 18 and sent his fictional town's economy down the drain for years? Icetown was good on paper, but that is about it.


Those three GIFs alone should show you how great the show is.

Honestly, that was the only show on the list that was tough to swallow. Rick and Morty was deemed the most overrated show when looking at the general census of the survey.

"58% of our surveyed respondents said Rick and Morty is overrated.Rick and Morty is a dark and often absurdist cartoon on Cartoon Network (also available on Hulu) that follows the adventures of a mad scientist and his grandson as they blah-blah through time and space and consequences happen or don’t and there was something to do with McDonald’s long-retired and probably expired Szechuan Sauce that you may have seen on the news at some point. The point is, we don’t know why lots of you think it’s overrated, but you do."

Looking at our neighbors to the east and south, both Wisconsin and Iowa think The Big Bang Theory is overrated.

Other highlights of the survey include women think Game of Thrones is the most overrated show, while men tend to believe it is Friends.

"64% of women said Game of Thrones is overrated.
60% of men said Friends is overrated."


Friends is overrated, but it is still good. Just not in the top-tier of sitcoms that many people place it in.

At the end of the day, TV is subjective, and everyone likes whatever TV show they like and that is what makes television shows so great. Some shows are created and they aren't made for you, and that's okay.

Except for Parks and Rec. Everyone should like Parks and Rec.(And The Office, but we will save that argument for another day)

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