One of the most popular haunted attractions in Minnesota is set to reopen this weekend and will look and operate a little differently this year do to COVID-19.

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via Scream Town
via Scream Town

Voted as one of the best Haunted Attractions in the Nation, Scream Town in Chaska will be up and going this year but with changes to keep its visitors and employees safe. Visitors and employees will be required to wear a mask at all times while attending the event and the haunted houses will be outside this year in order to space out guest and to follow CDC guidelines. Tickets to the event are also limited and are timed, as well as you will not be able to choose which attractions you would like to enter, your "group" will go through each attraction in order and will not stop until completed. Since screaming is bound to happening, spacing of more than 6 feet will be implemented.

The 6 attractions that will be operational this year will be:

  • The Oak Blood Forest, a forest walk with no tour guides or flashlights
  • Zombie Apocalypse CDC, you're in a locked-down CDC among the living dead
  • Circus Asylum, a 7,000 square foot asylum housing "carnival freaks"
  • Santa's Slay, a Christmas-themed haunted experience
  • Trapped Possession (VIP passes only), six rooms of "intense fear" – it's a "touch attraction" but human hands won't be used due to COVID-19
  • Abandoned Down the Rabbit Hole (VIP passes only), you and one other person are abandoned in the woods with a small lantern – it's touch attraction, but human hands won't be used due to COVID-19

The popular Abandoned Hayride will also be different this year as it is being changed to a drive-thru format.

To learn more about Scream Towns COVID-19 safety plan, you can click here to be redirected to their website.

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