If you were in Southeast Minnesota on Saturday, you witnessed a horrible storm that tore through and dumped piles of rain throughout the area.  Unfortunately, quite a few properties also experienced significant damage from trees being uprooted and large limbs falling.  One of those includes a restaurant in downtown Rochester, Minnesota which is now temporarily closed.

Downtown Rochester, Minnesota Restaurant Temporarily Closed Due to Storm Damage

Saturday was an interesting day.  I live on an acreage in the Rochester, Minnesota area and just after my phone alerted me to get to a basement and seek shelter, I watched as a huge tree fell towards my house.  It felt like it was all happening in slow motion but thankfully, the tree wasn't quite tall enough to reach our house.

As our family was carb loading to get ready to deal with a major cleanup day in our yard, I noticed a video on Facebook that Chris Kuball Meteorologist posted that showed water pouring in like a faucet was on into the popular Crave restaurant in downtown Rochester.

Having trees fall is one thing.  Having water inside where it doesn't belong is a whole different problem.

I reached out to Crave wondering if they would be open on Sunday and about the same time I got an e-mail back, a note was posted on Facebook stating that Crave would be closed on Sunday, June 24th.

Thinking of the crew working hard to fix the damage at Crave.  I know the team at Townsquare Media love going there and have had quite a few work meals there.  We have always loved the food and the absolutely amazing customer service.  Thank you for what you do!

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