I saw this video and it really truly bothered me. Snow plow drivers are out, helping roads and doing everything they can to make the road conditions as best as possible.

Then, I see something like this:

I haven't heard how the driver is doing since the accident, but if people would not try to pass snow plows, that would be a smart idea. This happened in Utah, but it really could have happened anywhere.

I am not sure what that semi-driver was thinking, but I am pretty sure he shouldn't have been trying to fly by a snow plow. His poor decision making put this snow-plow driver's life in danger. The driver is out there trying to make the road easier for you to travel on, and then the driver does something like this?  No matter how experienced of a driver you are, you have to leave room for snow plows. In fact, we should be doing this for all emergency vehicles, too!

Am I the only person that thinks that this is common sense? Maybe I am missing something?

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