This is so not fair. You might have noticed that after avoiding him for most of December and January, Southern Minnesota has finally felt the cruel wrath of Old Man Winter. Just when I was getting cocky about how hot it was in January, it's been one Winter Storm Warning after the next. One day we're in a Snow Advisory, the next thing it's a Wind Chill Warning. Obviously, having to leave my warm apartment every morning has not been the most pleasant experience. I've been wearing three layers of pants for weeks. I'm eating soup for breakfast now. I've long since forgotten what my face feels like.

It's been so bad that most of the schools around Rochester and its surrounding communities have been closed or delayed several times already. Meanwhile, I'm a grown man (barely) who still has to go to work for a full day.

Not. Fair.

That's why I'm just tossing this idea out here:

Adults in Minnesota should get snow days, too.

Why are kids the only ones who get to sleep in when the wind chill is...(checks thermometer)...negative 59 degrees?! Why is it that I'm the one who still needs to earn a paycheck when I could instead be starting a random snowball fight in the parking lot? Give us adults 3 snow days each year. Is that too much to ask? Remember how awesome it felt when you had a snow day as a kid? I want that feeling again, man.

...Can I please just work from bed tomorrow?

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