Just a heads up, if you are planning on grabbing a Whopper at Burger King on South Broadway in Rochester, you will be out of luck.

There isn't a formal statement on a social media page that I can find or a website declaring the announcement, but there is a brightly colored poster board on the drive-thru menu board at Burger King with a note that says "Only Fish & Chicken".  Yes.  Beef is not an option at BURGER King.

Why aren't they serving beef?  No one was at the location when I stopped by but several people online have been giving a variety of answers including there was a fire in their overhead hoods, the broiler was broken, or that they were there a few weeks ago and were told they ran out of beef.  If you go there, just plan on eating something different than beef.

Here's some good news though:

  • They still have french fries!
  • Your kids can still get their favorite - chicken nuggets
  • I've heard through the social media world that this is just temporary.
  • Other Burger King locations seem to be ok on their beef supply or have working kitchens, so if you really need that flame-broiled burger or Whopper, it is just a short drive away.

This isn't the first time we've had a burger joint in Rochester without beef.  Earlier this year, Wendy's restaurants throughout the country were impacted in May.  That recap from the Wall Street Journal can be found here.

What's the oddest thing that you've seen in 2020?  Send me a message in the Instagram world (@JessicaOnTheRadio) or on Facebook (@JessicaWilliamsOnTheRadio).  Personally, walking in downtown Rochester is an odd experience right now.  It actually makes me sad...not just for the businesses but for all of us.  I'm used to seeing a bunch of people walking and driving around but now, it is just empty with businesses closed up tight.  Some...forever.

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