We now know a few things about the business that will replace Dooley's Pub in Downtown Rochester, Minnesota, including its name.


A quick recap - Dooley's closed several times during the pandemic lockdown, then eventually for good. That's when Joe Powers got involved.

Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - Look for a new restaurant in downtown Rochester. The Rochester City Council Monday approved the sale of the former Dooley’s Pub. It is being purchased by Powers Ventures for $1.4-million.

The city had sought requests for leased use of the downtown site after the previous lease was terminated earlier this year but “received no interest.” Read More: Rochester City Council Approves Sale Of Dooley's Pub Property

According to the building permits filed last week, construction should start soon on the former Dooley's location turning it into what the city council was told would be a casual family place.

Little girl doesnt want to eat her breakfast
Example of a Family Member. (Lisa5201)

And about the only thing we know for sure is the name. The new venture, by Power's Ventures, will be called The Well. That sounds like a place to drink, for sure. But a promised family-friendly angle means it'll have to be more than that.

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Any Idea of What the Full Concept Is?

No, but here are some ideas I just came up with. Obviously, NONE of these are confirmed or even real outside my head.

CONCEPT 1 - Lassie!


Bring your kids and drop them off at The Well Fun and Games Room. When you're ready to go, just tell your server, and Lassie will "rescue" your kids from The Well.

CONCEPT 2 - Real Wells!

The Realllly Old Fowler Family Farm Pump (Rabe)
The Realllly Old Fowler Family Farm Pump (Rabe)

Tired of waiting for the server to refill your water? Those days are over at The Well, Rochester's newest family-friendly bar and restaurant. When one of you or one of your kids wants more water, simply pump the 1900's style pump, conveniently located at every table. (See the water pump in the picture, older than Minnesota, in action here).

CONCEPT 3 - The Ink Well

Paper and quill pen on nice old wooden background

Sure they're messy, sure they're likely to stain your clothes, but think what fun your kids will have playing with actual inkwells that come with every Kid's Activity Kit. parchment paper coloring books, old fashioned ink-pens, and your child's love of history come together for fun at The Well.

If The Well turns out to be one of those concepts, or something entirely different, you'll find out here. Keep our app handy and watch for updates.

As always, if you have a comment, complaint, or concern about something I wrote here, please let me know: james.rabe@townsquaremedia.com


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