You saw it on Facebook already, that True Country 103.1 KFIL celebrate what has been known as National Doughnut Day. I took the liberty of having our KFIL team take a traditional Luke blurry selfie. Yeah, that is my fault squad, I blew it!

While the team munched down on some delicious doughnuts, I pondered. Why is today National Doughnut Day? Why June 2nd?

Well, I couldn't find out why. Was it laziness? No. I just decided it was a better idea to eat six more doughnuts.

Also, what is the correct way to spell doughnuts? donuts? The world may never know.

Anyway, I got off track for a minute....

Oh yeah, doughnuts. There was a ton of places with special deals to honor this special day, according to the USA Today. Including participating Dunkin' Donuts,  Krispy Kremes and may other national doughnut shops.

Me, though, I am a local, homegrown bakery guy. They make the best doughnuts. Do I have a personal favorite bakery? Not really. Just a long-john with the maple frosting will do just fine. It is fantastic. I love them all.

Today is a special day, so much sure you eat all the doughnuts, and I mean all of them! We celebrated here at 103.1 KFIL, did you?

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