I wish this was a made-up headline, I really do. A New Richland man was arrested after being found naked hiding at a Waseca apartment complex after a resident was awakened by a man that was "naked from the waist up" in the apartment. 

The Mankato Free Press reports that 22-year-old Sheldon Luna, of New Richland, was charged Wednesday in Waseca County District Court in two separate case files with felony counts of burglary and drug possession, gross misdemeanor interfering with a 911 call and misdemeanor theft in the first case file. He was charged with felony counts of burglary, property damage, and possession of burglary tools as well as misdemeanor assault in connection to the second case file.

The first case involved Luna and a woman he had a prior relationship with. Luna refused to leave an apartment after forcing his way inside. The woman called 9-1-1 and Luna took the phone before running away. Luna allegedly left behind a backpack containing methamphetamine.

In the second case, Luna allegedly cut a hole in a utility closet to access a woman's apartment, Sunday morning. Luna allegedly shook the woman awake which caused the woman to scream. Luna then allegedly put a hand over her mouth to quiet her. The intruder then fled out a window after she kicked him.

A responding police officer reportedly found a naked Luna hiding in the apartment complex. Men's clothing and a necklace inscribed with the names of Luna's daughter and ex-girlfriend were found on the floor of the woman's room. A jacket was also found to be left behind inside the closet with credit cards belonging to Luna in one of its pockets.

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