Wow. My brother got married. All of the craziness is done, but man was it fun!


You may have seen some photos of him before, but my brother (Justin) got married over the weekend. It was a fun-filled weekend full love family, food, friends and just a little bit of beer.....

I was lucky enough to be the Best Man! Can you believe that? They actually gave me a microphone to talk. Ha, their mistake.

Only kidding of course.

It was a beautiful day in Spring Valley, perfect for the ceremony, which was also amazing. The reception and dance was also beautiful, and I just couldn't wipe the smile off my face. My brother got married! That is insane. From talking to all my family members, to seeing old friends, friends I see all the time and anyone else I could meet, it was just an amazing experience!

I have a sister now, so that is new. I've been living in their basement now, so now we are all family maybe I won't have to leave? Hmmmmmmmm. Interesting thought. (If they read this, they are definitely kicking me out)

I couldn't be happier for these two. They deserved all the attention, all the praise and all of the love. It was amazing, and I am just happy that I got to be apart of it. Congrats Justin and Regan!

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