As it gets closer to Christmas, and winter, how many times have you wondered, "If Santa Claus says, 'Ho Ho Ho!', what does Mrs. Claus say?" If you're like me, too many to count. Today that ends.

Mrs. Claus and James Rabe listen as Jessica Williams tells a story.
Mrs. Claus and James Rabe listen as Jessica Williams tells a story.

Today I found out Mrs. Claus's "catch phrase." Will you think it's as catchy as Santa's Ho Ho Ho? I think so. And unlike Santa's Ho Ho Ho, Mrs. Claus's phrase can be used to denote joy or annoyance.

You Talked To The Real Mrs. Claus?

You bet and it was a delightful experience. She was in the studio for the second time this year to talk about Here Comes Santa Clause, the Friday evening event welcoming both Santa and the Missus to Rochester, Minnesota! It's a whole night of fun you and your kids will love.

So, while we had her on the air, I had to ask! Just click play (transcription below audio clip)

In case you can't hear it,

James Rabe - I forgot to ask the last time you hear...Santa Claus says Ho Ho Ho...what is your phrase? What does Mrs. Claus say?

Mrs. Claus - I say Fa La La because it can be used eith way with, "Oh, Fa La I'm so happy! Or if somebody ticks me off, I go ((deep voice) FA LA LA! so it works both ways.

James Rabe - And the elves scatter!

Mrs. Clause - They do! I don't have many bad days, but when I say that I got out, they run.

And there you have it...Fa La La is Mrs. Claus's saying.

If you missed the Facebook Live conversation about this...ta da!

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