During the weekend of August 25-27, big league players will be able to show off their personalities to their fans. One thing you will see on the field is the names on the back of their jerseys.

The players who choose so will have nicknames, instead of just going with their last name. If you want to see all the nicknames, you can find them here. I will say I'm a little disappointed by Bartolo Colon not putting "Big Sexy" on the back of his jersey, as I would definitely buy a jersey like that.

Some of the ones I do like? Robinson Cano as "Don't You Know," Kyle Seager is "Corey's Brother, Josh Phegley is "PTBNL," short for "Player to Be Named Later." I thought my name was on the back of one of the jerseys, but it was was Alex Bregman, with "A-Breg." One of the tops, though, is a Yankee (who wouldn't usually wear any name on his back as a Yankee). Rookie Aaron Judge will wear "All Rise" on the back of his jersey.

Besides these fun nicknames, for pregame workouts and postgame interviews, the players will be able to wear t-shirts displaying their favorite charities. Also, they'll wear a patch on their sleeve showing a kid progressing into a big league ballplayer. On that sleeve, the players will write the name/names of who helped them achieve their big league goals. The jerseys will be up for auction on mlb.com after that weekend, with proceeds going to MLB-MLBPA Youth Development Foundation. And besides the nicknames, the jerseys will be colorful.

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