It is one of the most well-known college football rivalries in the state and across the country, and their finale will be moved to U.S Bank Stadium.

According to Tommie Sports, the Tommies and Johnnies will meet in downtown Minneapolis for their matchup on Saturday, Nov. 7th. It will be the first time that U.S Bank Stadium will host a college football game, and I consider it almost disappointing.

It will be the 90th time that St. John's University and St. Thomas University meet and will come 119 years after the first time these two powerhouse schools met.

Wouldn't it be nice to give the fans and the atmosphere of Collegeville the right to host their final matchup? If you haven't seen it or experienced it, there is something different about the Collegeville atmosphere for the annual Tommie-Johnnie battle.

I totally understand why St. Johns moved the game to U.S Bank Stadium. It is incredibly hard to say no to a deal that allows your college to get a ton of exposure and the chance to play a game at the home of an NFL Franchise.

These two teams played in 2017 at Target Field and drew a Division III-record 37,355 people to game. In 2019, they drew a capacity crowd of 19,508 at Allianz Field in St. Paul.

Yet, something just feels off about experiencing the final Tommie-Johnnie game in Minneapolis and not in the trees of Collegeville.

Yes, it will be a great experience for the players, and many fans across the state, but there is something different about a Saturday in Collegeville against the Tommies, and now that experience won't happen again.

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