The fall TV premieres this week means it's the beginning for many shows, but it's already the end of the line for one Minnesotan on TV.

Spoiler Alert! (Don't read anymore if you haven't yet watched the Wednesday night's first episode of Survivor!)


Yes, Minnesota's own Katrina Radke, a former Olympian who lives in Excelsior, was our lone entrant in the 35th season of Survivor (called 'Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers'), which premiered Wednesday. As I posted earlier, she was on the U.S. Olympic team during the Seoul Olympic Games, where she competed as a swimmer.

Apparently that athletic feat threatened Katrina's fellow 'Hereos' tribe members a little too much, because they pretty much ALL voted her out at the first Tribal Council on last night's episode of 'Survivor.'

Which is too bad, because, being the first contestant voted out pretty much sucks. They don't make it on the jury, meaning we won't get to see them again when things get interesting and the competition heats up later this season. And, while they'll make an appearance during the live reunion show after this season's finale, they probably won't get any camera time-- because they were only on the show for such a small amount of time.

So, once again, our Minnesota hopes for a championship are dashed-- at least on 'Survivor' that is. Oh, well. At least the Twins are in the playoffs!

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