We all have them. Pet Peeves. The little things that bug us...even during the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. (Click play to enjoy a happy soundtrack to your reading...).

In a normal non-holiday time, Minnesota's biggest pet peeve is slow internet. Turns out, that's pretty high up there during the holidays, too. Trying to buy "only one more left" of something? "C'mon, speed up!"

Minnesota Nice is a thing, though we usually joke it means we're nicely passive aggressive. But we really are nice people, our non-talkativeness gets mistaken for un-nice. Well, YOUR lack of talking. You can't shut ME up.

Funny: Minnesota's 15 Biggest Holiday Pet Peeves

Even as we're all trying to get along and be good so Santa will bring all the toys we asked for, we find things that just annoy us. Here's what Minnesotans said irks them the most.
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