Sure, our Minnesota athletes were hugely involved in winning the Gold medal in Curling at the Winter Olympics, beating Sweden at the waning moments to capture the top spot. But on the way back home to Minnesota yesterday, they were kinda snubbed.

It wasn't a huge snub, mind you, and it appears there really wasn't much else one could do to not snub them, but still. The 'snubber' in question here is Delta Airlines, and the snub they gave our Gold medal curlers was not upgrading their seats to first class on the flight back from South Korea.

According to this Star-Tribune story, two different people-- including the head of the team, Skip Schuster, asked Delta on Twitter if the airline couldn't show a little first-class love to the team.

Then, the team's coach also Tweeted at Delta, asking much the same thing. Couldn't the airline upgrade the Olympians-- 7 of them, all told-- to first class?

Yeah, not so much.

The airline responded by saying, "We are excited these Olympic champions chose to fly home on Delta,” the story noted-- but that, sorry, there weren't any first-class seats available.

I get it, if there aren't any seats available, there aren't any seats available-- the plane is only so big, right? But still.

So, our Gold medal Olympic athletes suffered their way back to the Land of 10,000 Lakes in coach, like the rest of us-- trying to get some rest while the person in front of them rudely reclined their seat right into their Gold medals. (At least I think that's what happened...)

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