It's a popular chain restaurant across the country and us Minnesotans apparently like it even more than most other states, according to a new survey. So just which restaurant is it?

Maybe it's our long, cold winter that has us hungry for some good 'ol spicy Mexican food, because according to a new survey from Food & Wine magazine, Minnesota is one of the top ten states when it comes to eating at Chipotle Mexican Grill.

The popular chain, which, of course, has two Rochester locations, just published a bunch of stats about its customers (in honor of National Burrito Day, which was last Thursday.) As it turns out, Minnesota ranked ninth on the list of states that eat the most Chipotle burritos.

Coming in at number-one was Wyoming, then Montana, Utah, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon and then Minnesota. New  Hampshire rounded out the top ten.

To come up with the list, Food & Wine said Chipotle looked at way more than just which state sold the most burritos. "Instead, the chain began by looking at sales from October 2016 to October 2017 and then adjusted for the number of transactions per person in each state," the story said.

That explains why some of the states with smaller populations-- like Wyoming-- still managed to come out on top. Otherwise, I'm guessing California and New York would have dominated the list.

I love me some Chipotle, so I'm guessing I did my part to help get Minnesota into the top ten rankings. Except, I always order a burrito bowl, mainly because it's easier to eat. That still counts, though, doesn't it?!?

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