The world of Twitter is a dark place at times, with Twitter wars over politics, sports, local news and who can come up with the best meme.

Sometimes, someone takes the time to do something flat out incredible and the Twitter handle @CostcoRiceBag did just that. She spent two and half months tweeting out the lyrics to Bohemian word at a time. She just might be the Queen of Twitter.

Check out her timeline and scroll all the way back to May 7th when she started this amazing trek of slowly tweeted out each word individually. The first word of each tweet is a lyric to one of Queen's most famous songs.

It all commemorated a few days ago, on August 23rd when she finally completed every word of the song. Well over 300 individual tweets of commitment that has gone unmatched on Twitter.

The iconic beginning to one of Queen's most well known songs
The iconic beginning to one of Queen's most well known songs

Over 140,000 retweets and over 318,000 likes on Twitter has she spent over two months planting each lyric with creativity and nobody ever knew what she was doing. She sneakily tweeted the ENTIRE song. That is dedication. Seriously, she even got away tweeting "Scaramouche" twice.

Bravo, Hadie Mart...if that is your real name. You just won Twitter.

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