Mark J. Lindquist, an Air Force Veteran, from Ortonville, Minnesota, was raised in a community where everyone pitched in to help no matter the problem that came up. That spirit of servant leadership is so strong in Mark, he's on his way to the Poland/Ukraine border to pitch in.

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Mark (who you may remember as last year's Chamber speaker) joined me this morning on the Y-105FM Early Morning Show (if you scroll down you can listen to the conversation). 

Mark - I think like anybody else you're watching what's happening on the other side of the planet and it's alarming, to say the least. The call for territorial defense is something that we just haven't seen in our lifetime. And so I've just been asking myself, what could I do? What's the most I could do. And I think going over there is it, so I'm on my way.

Mark in Minnesota to sing the National Anthem - From Mark Lindquist FB Page
Mark in Minnesota to sing the National Anthem - From Mark Lindquist FB Page

James - What exactly will you be doing once you land in Poland?

Mark - Oh I'm gonna link up with a bunch of veterans over there that are already working at the border inside of Poland. There's a huge humanitarian mission where they're crossing the border. Like they're, still taking five to 10 hours to cross the border. I just heard from a British Army veteran who I'm connected with there. And unfortunately, two nights ago people had frozen to death at the border because it was seven below Celius (that's about 19 degrees Fahrenheit).

(so we'll be) conducting a basic humanitarian mission at the border. And that's what I'll join. If and when I can assemble a team to go try to extract some of these folks out of towns that maybe can't get out on the rail.

Mark at the birthplace of the National Anthem. From Mark Lindquist FB Page
Mark at the birthplace of the National Anthem. From Mark Lindquist FB Page
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James - Which do you think prepared you most for this moment, Mark? Loving parents raising you in a small town or joining the Air Force?

Mark - It's gotta be the combo. Right. You know, where did I learn my servant heart, where did I learn to volunteer and give back and contribute to the lives of others? And why, why was I interested in the Key Club that you know, that's where we met? It's cause mom and dad instilled that in me. And a lot of families in Ortonville and a lot of families in small towns do that. Right?

Credit: McGhiever, CC BY-SA 3.0 - Click for link.
Ortonville, Minnesota, business district. Credit: McGhiever, CC BY-SA 3.0 - Click for link.

And then of course, through institutions like Kiwanis and Key Club and AmeriCorps and the Air Force, you learn, boy, if you live your life, you know based on your opportunities to serve life is pretty rich.

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We'll be hearing from Mark as his schedule and internet access allows.

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