There are a lot of places that are in the process of hiring seasonal employees. The holidays are sneaking up on us really fast, so this extra help is much needed. The Target hiring website claims that the company is looking to hire over 133,000 seasonal employees nationwide over the next two months.

I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw that Bring Me The News did a story on Target's hiring event. They claim that Targets across the Twin Cities will be hiring around 8,000 employees this year. Those employees will be hired for everything from working the floors to stocking selves to working the warehouses.

Due to the number of employees that need to be hired, Targets across the country and Minnesota are holding mass hiring events; the next one will happen on November 2nd and 3rd. Staff is asking you to apply beforehand, so they can get right to the interview process. There will be opportunities to fill out applications on location if you can not get it done before arriving on site.

Having 8,000 jobs available in our state is going to do wonders for our economy! It is going to give a lot of opportunities to those who could use an extra $13 an hour this season.

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