Listeners React: Top Ten Minnesota State Fair Traditions

Every year the Minnesota State Fair gives us a chance to get together with all our neighbors and carry on traditions from when our parents took us to the fair. Or maybe, just traditions you started 5 years ago.

Credit: Minnesota State Fair
Credit: Minnesota State Fair

What Are the Rules for MN State Fair Traditions?

There are no real rules. I didn't select these based on criteria like, "Will most people want to do this, or do most people do it?" I selected a wide range so we wouldn't see the usual list of pronto pups, live shows, and mini-donuts (all of which are righteous but won't help us explore all the fun of the fair).

Not that any of those are bad, but there is so much to see and do at the Great Minnesota Get Together, here's a list of both common and uncommon traditions!

See the Top Ten Minnesota Sate Fair Traditions

We asked and you responded. Head to the Minnesota State Fair before it's over and keep this list handy!
Photo by Hugh McCann on Unsplash
Photo by Hugh McCann on Unsplash
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