A woman who crashed her car north of Rochester last year while driving drunk was recently picked up AGAIN for DUI.

Labeled as "One of the Worst DUI Offenders in the U.S." by police, Tasha Lynn Schleicher of New Hope, Minnesota was arrested Tuesday evening in Riverside, Illinois after she was allegedly found passed out at the wheel per ABC 7 out of Chicago. The mother, who's 41, has 12 children, although all of them but one has been taken away from her by the state of Minnesota for her excessive drunk-driving convictions.

Also according to the story, the reason for this mess was she claimed that she had dropped off the only child still in her custody – her 15-year-old son – in Illinois earlier that evening, so he could "party" over spring break. The boy has not yet been located by authorities.

According to MPR, she now has DWI convictions in five states besides Minnesota where she made headlines last September when she was spotted driving erratically on Highway 52 near Oronoco. It was later learned that she was breastfeeding her baby with five young kids also inside the vehicle.

Her BAC that time was .16 and she was also 7 months pregnant. The trial for this particular incident actually begins in Rochester, on Monday. Unbelievable.

Normally I would say I hope she gets the help that she deserves, but clearly she doesn't care enough to get any. You just that pray no one, including her children, are hurt in the future due to her stupid decisions – behind the wheel or otherwise.

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