Growing up, I remember quite a few Christmas mornings where we had a few more kids at our house.  We've got the photos of Christmas morning where we are all in our pj's and opening up the gifts that Santa dropped off for us.  The only thing is...some of the kids in the photo aren't part of my family today.  They were my foster siblings.

Adoption and foster care has been a part of my entire life.  My dad lived in an orphanage in Iowa and was adopted when he was 7 years old.  My mom has two siblings that are adopted.  I had quite a few foster siblings when I was a kid and today, I have 7 siblings that are part of our family because of adoption.  We don't have a "traditional" family, but it is our family.

What is life like as a foster family?  I had a chance to chat with a mom recently about what it is like to be a foster mom and also with Jodi Raidt from Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota.  The video below will give you an inside look at life as a foster parent.  And, if you are a mom, be sure to watch until the end because there are some great mom tips that are shared just for you.

If you'd like to learn more about becoming a foster parent, or have questions, check out the Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota's website here.

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