There are a lot of kids out there that have a need for speed and are daredevils. I have one of those in my life. It's my 22-year-old brother and he has always been like this. We joke that all the gray hairs my parents have are because of him... which isn't totally true. According to WCCO, one Minnesota daredevil is looking to break the World Record for the fastest speed on Ice in February.

Kurt Anderson told WCCO that he has always had a need for speed and a mechanical mind. Which to race anything, you have to have both of them. The article says that his goal is to get his sled they call Arctic Arrow up to speeds between 250 mph and 300 mph. The article compared this to the G-Forces fighter pilots feel when they are flying. I found this to be really interesting. The sled doesn't run on fuel, it runs off 18 gallons of hydrogen peroxide. The engine can turn the liquid into a gas that helps propel the sleds at very fast speeds.

In 2017 Anderson and his team attempted to break the world record of 247 mph that was set in 1981, but they had some issues. The article says that those issues are now fixed, which means they should find success in a few short weeks. The race will take place on February 16th in Manawa, Wisconsin on a frozen lake. This would be so cool to say that a Minnesotan holds a world record in a winter sport that not everyone does.

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