Before you know it, the 4th of July will be here and the country will be celebrating Independence Day. Bringing into the question, which state is the most independent?

According to our friends at Wallet Hub, Minnesota came in as the fourth most independent states in our union. What could possibly top it? What are the parameters of the study?

Well, number one on the list was Utah, who topped every state by four at least four points, ranking number 2 in Government Dependency and number 4 in Job-Market rank. Minnesota, on the other hand, came in 7th in Government Dependency and 8th in Job-Market rank. Minnesota did lead the country in Financial Dependency.

This means that Minnesota is amongst the top in the nation when it comes to the strong ability to rely upon ourselves as individuals.

You can see the full study from Wallet Hub HERE.

Minnesota did lead the midwest, but Wisconsin was not far behind at 6, South Dakota at 7 and Iowa at 11.

Source: WalletHub

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