You wouldn't think so, but according to new statistics - it does.

Did you see this latest article from CBS? When I read it, it told me a few things. It says, "The gun ownership rate in Minnesota is 36.7 percent." It also says that "The gun ownership rate in Texas is 35.7 percent." We've got a higher gun ownership rate, but not by much.

The hunter
Vladimir Konjushenko

My personal theory: I think we're seeing this number because the population in Texas is higher than it is in Minnesota. There's more to average with. It's hard to keep track of these numbers for other reasons too! CBS admitted, "Statistics on gun ownership across the U.S. are hard to nail down; the ATF's National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record is not all-inclusive, and some guns go unregistered."

While it might seem surprising that we've got more gun owners here than we'll see in Texas, what wasn't so surprising was learning that (according to this survey) Alaska has the most gun owners in the nation right now. Folks have to protect themselves on that frontier!

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