There are a lot of hard jobs out there, but one that gets overlooked is farming. It is both mentally draining, physically draining and is super dangerous. So many things can go wrong especially when grin bins are involved. According to WCCO, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz declared this week (February 16th to February 22, 2020) Grain Bin Saftey week.

I stumbled across this video the other day talking about grin bin rescues that have occurred. This video was done by Nationwide Insurance and features some farmers and the fire departments from Glenville, Minnesota. There are many organizations and companies out there trying to get the tools and education needed to prevent and save lives in farming accidents.

If a farmer gets caught in a grain bin, the grain acts like quicksand. It keeps sucking you under and there's is not much you can do without help. This is especially true because most bins are super tall, making the rescues hard. There is a tube that fire departments can use to isolate the trapped farmer, so a rescue can occur. Not all fire departments can afford the training and equipment to make this happen. The training and tools need to make resues like this are super expensive and that is why education is super important.

According to this video, Grain Bin Awareness week started back in 2014. The goal is to teach safe ways to enter the grain bins, so farmers don't get trapped and to raise awareness for the tools needed to make a rescue. Folks are hoping through educations and training lives can be saved.

According to the WCCO article, 10 farmers have died in Minnesota this year in farm-related accidents and many more have been injured. Hopefully, over time, we can decrease this number to zero!

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