There continues to be an employee shortage across the country and some people have been blaming it on people not wanting to work. While that may be true for some, that is not the majority, especially in Minnesota. The employee shortage in Minnesota is not because of too many people quitting.

A new survey done by WalletHub ranked every state based on job resignation. In order to come up with these rankings, WalletHub took into consideration the percentage of people in each state who quit their job in the past month and the percentage of people in each state who quit in the past 12 months.

Obviously, we'll talk about the state that had the highest resignation rates, but let's talk about Minnesota first. Minnesota is one of the top 10 states with the least amount of job resignations. Ranking from highest resignation rates to lowest, Minnesota came in at number 45 out of 51 (since we're counting DC here).

Here are all of the states that ranked as having the lowest job resignation rate:

42. Iowa
43. New Jersey
44. Maryland
45. Minensota
46. Maine
47. Pennsylvania
48. Massachusetts
49. Connecticut
50. DC
51. New York

And what about the states with the highest job resignation rate?

10. Alabama
9. Wyoming
8. North Carolina
7. Nevada
6. Mississippi
5. Georgia
4. South Carolina
3. Arizona
2. Florida
1. Alaska

I wonder if part of the reason these states ranked so high is because many of them are retiring. Lots of the top 10 are warmer states so that makes me wonder about the age of the people who resigned.

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