Usually, there are two reasons to break into someone's home. You want to steal something or it's your home and you're locked out. Time to add a new one thanks to some dough-heads in Blaine, MN.

Napping and Laundry.

Back in March, someone called police saying they were on their way to a vacation rental they owned because a RING door-cam told her something was up. When they all got there, they found a big rock had been thrown thru the back window.

Once inside, the police found a naked man in a bedroom. He was arrested. Then they found a woman. She couldn't have been wearing much because KARE11 reported,

...officers found (the woman), who they say made an obscene gesture and lit a cigarette before walking into the bathroom...the couples clothing was found in the washer. (SOURCE)

Sophia Kovar and Charles Allen were both charged with second degree burglary.

Anoka County Sheriff's Office
Anoka County Sheriff's Office

This definitely qualifies as a Rabe Shot, see all the dough-heads I've highlighted in the last few weeks HERE.

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