Who would have thought a few months ago, but summer is almost here!

One of the sure fire signs that summer is here is Memorial Day. Kind of a weird thing we do that I have never thought of until now is how we base all our summer plans around two holidays. Memorial Day and Labor Day.

The kick-start of summer, nothing beats a three-day weekend, right? Well, a four-day weekend, of course, but you get my point. What are the favorite activities for this start of summer holiday?

Will you head to the lake and boat all weekend? Head to an amusement park and spend all day wondering around thinking, "I really want to fall from 200 feet on a steel contraption called a roller coaster." Camping? Got to be one of the favorites. And around here, there are plenty of campgrounds to enjoy.

As a radio DJ, I love summer. Summer means events, parades, and being out in the community with all the listeners who make my job much more fun. So, I won't start a countdown to summer, but just know to make it fun and enjoyable.