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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - Mayo Clinic is joining businesses and other entities and will require employees to be Covid vaccinated - or else.

Mayo began notifying unvaccinated employees Wednesday of its planned transition from the program it adopted in July to a mandatory policy.

photo courtesy Mayo Clinic News Network
photo courtesy Mayo Clinic News Network

It is scheduled to begin Oct. 25th with an “exemption process” for those claiming religious or medical objections to the vaccine. Those not exempted will have to be vaccinated by Dec. 3rd. Those who are not will be placed on unpaid leave.

If workers are still unvaccinated by Jan 3, they will face termination.

The changes will apply to students, temporary research personnel, contractors, and others - including those working remotely.

 Mayo spokeswoman Kelley Luckstein says overall staff Covid vaccination rates increased from 77.4% to 87.7% after the initial program began in July.

She adds:
“However, based on the percentage of staff who remain unvaccinated and in consideration of the safety of our patients, staff, visitors and communities, Mayo Clinic is transitioning to the next phase of its COVID-19 vaccination program, with vaccination required to continue to work at Mayo Clinic. A review process will be available for staff to seek medical or religious exemptions to vaccination.”

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