Luke Bryan is obviously a creative individual -- and it seems that talent is now rubbing off on his five-year-old son, Bo. However, it may not be the exact kind of creativity that Bryan and wife Caroline had hoped to inspire.

Monday night (April 21), Bryan took to his Twitter account to share a very funny photo with his followers. The tweet spread quickly, with Bryan's friend -- and future MLB Hall of Famer -- Chipper Jones, even helping spread the pic of Bo's artwork.

The piano had become Bo's very own easel for the evening. He covered it in black and red marker -- not something you want on your big black piano. In the photo, you can see what may be Bo's pajama legs and a bottle of cleaner. Bryan wanted to make sure his son cleaned up his own mess.

Being the lighthearted guy he is, the 'Play It Again' singer did see some humor in the mess. "He's scrubbing on it now," Bryan tweeted. "Ha. Funny stuff." Apparently the cleaner in the photo didn't work because Bryan's last tweet said the key to the cleanup was alcohol. "Alcohol worked," he wrote. "Man I love alcohol."